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Business Center - Software for Tire Dealers

Business Center allows you to streamline your business while providing unparalleled customer service, increasing productivity, and realizing your true profit potential.

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The Best Point of Sale in the Industry

We are with you every step of the way! Tire Guru Point of Sale gives you quick access to all the information you need to quickly and easily create quotes, work orders, vehicle digital inspections, and much, much, more. We have spent years listening to our customers and creating simple and flexible processes from the sales counter, to the shop, to the back office accounting with Tire Guru Software everything is quick, easy, and completely integrated. Tire Guru even offers complete Mobile Device Ready Point of Sale and Vehicle Digital Inspections.

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Quick Inventory Lookups

Our Inventory Search gives you the flexibility to search inventory by item, size, manufacturer, group, part number, vehicle fitment, width, aspect ratio, rim size, over 50 features such as UTQG, warranty, run flat, traction/tread wear rating, bolt pattern, lugs/diameter, offset, finish, or any combination. Search Tires, Wheels, Parts, Labor and Other items with ease using the best quick inventory lookup in the industry.

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Inventory Lookup Views

Our Lookup Views make any employee a Tire Guru instantly! We have tire and wheel galleries showing pictures, features, benefits, and product details on over 80,000 tires and 40,000 wheels. Your employees can view the product images, full descriptions, item specifications such as service description, load index, rim width, section width, overall diameter, max load, speed rating, tread wear, ply, traction rating, mileage warranty, UTQG rating, bolt circle, offset, backspacing, and much more.

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Mobile Device Ready

Tire Guru Mobile provides you with the tools you need to streamline your business, provide unparalleled customer service, increase productivity, and increase your profitability. With Tire Guru Mobile you can greet your customer at their vehicle and start your work order. Walk with your customer throughout the show room and shop with the ability to update the work order, look up your customers, lookup inventory at your location and your supplier's warehouse, and add quick services. Your technicians will have the tools they need to be productive. By updating work orders with recommended services, update mileage, DOT numbers, complete vehicle digital inspections and more. Tire Guru Mobile is in constant communication with Tire Guru Point of Sale - everything is updated between Tire Guru Mobile and Tire Guru Point of Sale instantly.

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Vehicle Digital Inspections

Tire Guru Vehicle Digital Inspections give you a truly paperless shop experience while boosting your technician's productivity, and ultimately your shop profits. Provide unparalleled customer service with easy to read and understand inspections including technician comments, action comments, and uploaded images of advised or required items. Tire Guru includes images of what the new item should look like as well as information describing the purpose of the item and how it can affect the safety and performance of the vehicle. Notify your customers via text and/or email with the easy to read and understand inspection formats. Digital Inspections with Tire Guru Mobile provide your technicians complete service history, and much more.

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Parts and Labor Guide

Our built in Parts and Labor Guide will provide you with the most reliable, robust, efficient, yet simple to use parts catalog and labor guide. With Tire Guru's integrated parts and labor guide we automatically transfer the complete vehicle data to the parts catalog and labor guide, and seamlessly transfer the parts back to Tire Guru including part number, category, cost, selling price, labor type, and more. Choose to use your suppliers suggested selling price or implement our parts pricing matrix. Ordering from your parts houses has never been easier! We are integrated with over 120 parts distributors including companies like NAPA, O'Reilly, AutoZone, Bumper to Bumper, Auto Value, Advance, Factory Motor Parts, and many more. Please visit our Partners page to see all of our integrated partners.

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Credit Card Processing

Tire Guru Credit Card processing is the industry's most comprehensive integrated payment solution offering a fast, dependable, and secure connection with next day funding. There are no contracts, and no setup fees! We can process all of your cards through Tire Guru including: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Goodyear, Drive Card, Gift Cards, Fuelman, Fleet Once, Bridgestone, Auto Pass, Wright Express, Firestone, and more. Tire Guru Credit Card processing also gives you the capability to process credit card applications, which result in more approvals, higher average tickets, and increased profits.

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Signature Capture

Tire Guru strives to streamline your business. With our integrated signature capture system we take the road blocks out and give you total system automation. Collect signatures on work orders, invoices, credit card approvals, digital inspections, and more. All of your electronic signatures are automatically transferred over to Tire Guru Business Center. With Tire Guru's email features you will be able to send electronic statements and copies of invoices with your customer's signature right on the invoice. Providing your customers signed copies of invoices electronically will drastically improve your accounts receivable collection efforts and increase your cash flow.

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Quick Customer Lookups/Views

Tire Guru Customer Search gives you fast and flexible access to all of your customer's information. Search by business name, first name, last name, phone number, customer number, license plate number, unit number, vehicle VIN, by customer type, and more. Tire Guru Customer Views gives you all of the information you need to provide exceptional customer service. Quickly view your customers name, address, phone number, vehicles, any open work orders, quotes, vehicle digital inspections, declined services, upcoming reminders, customer and vehicle history, credit information, past due information, customer notes, vehicle notes, and more.

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Customer History

Customer History keeps all invoice history, vehicle history, vehicle digital inspection history, payment history, received on account history, indefinitely! Not only does Tire Guru provide history on the work performed at your shop but any and all history from any services shop using CarFax. You can instantly see exactly what work you have performed, recommended services, and all work performed at other shops!

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Vehicle History

Vehicle History is critical in today's ever changing automotive industry. Vehicle History is kept safe and secure forever! We keep vehicle history, vehicle digital inspection history, recommended services, declined services, and approved services on every vehicle. You can even use our signature capture features to get signed authorization on each change along the way. Informing and educating your customers on needed repairs is critical in earning trust and lifelong customers. With Tire Guru's Vehicle Digital Inspection program you can even notify your customers of advised and required repairs through text and email.

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Bay Scheduler

Tire Guru Bay Scheduler is crafted to be a fast and efficient method of handling your shop work flow with minimal maintenance from you. Increase the number of appointments, save time, and improve your average sales per vehicle. More and more customers are booking appointments online and Tire Guru Bay Scheduler is the perfect way to manage your walk in customers, call in appointments, and website appointments in one easy to manage system. With Tire Guru Websites your customers can get online buy Tires, Wheels, Services, and schedule it all instantly within Tire Guru Point of Sale.

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Customizable Services

Tire Guru has hundreds of pre-defined service codes you can use, customize them, or create as many new codes as needed. We have unlimited pricing levels and/or pricing matrix's. You can create item codes, item packages, add-on codes, color codes, spiff codes, and more. Creating service codes and setting pricing has never been easier! Track all of your sales, gross profit dollars, gross profit percentages as well as your salespeople and technicians production on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

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Tire Guru Codes

Tire Guru offers many options to group items together, organize items, automatically add related items to your work order, and identify or highlight items. We have Add On codes to quickly and easily add a number of related items to your work order, Package codes to allow one line item with one price on the work order while still selling and costing out individual items. Color and/or Spiff codes to highlight and bring specified items to your salespeople and technicians attention.

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At Tire Guru we realize pricing is critical to your sales and profits. We understand that there are several ways to setup your pricing and have developed the most flexible pricing options in the industry, allowing you to provide consistent pricing strategies and the flexibility to control your profit margins. You can price items by gross profit, straight percentage, dollar amount, dollar amount plus gross profit, and/or use our pricing matrix to setup margins by cost range. We can even pull your costs from your suppliers in most cases and update your replacement cost to be used in your calculations automatically.

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Vehicle Fitment Data

Tire Guru offers Fitment Group's Enhanced Data Solution with substantially more vehicles and complete sub model coverage, original equipment, original equipment optional, plus and minus sizing for tires and wheels, complete Canadian vehicle coverage, tire and wheel package creation, winter sizing applications, tire pressure and torque settings, all bias ply tires are converted to radial sizing, and more. Rest assured Tire Guru will have the most up to date and accurate vehicle data available with consistent updates from Fitment Group.

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Quick Sales Reports

Tire Guru makes it easy to see statistics for the day, week, month, and year at a glance. See sales on predefined services like Alignments, Brakes, Shocks, Inspections, Nitrogen, Tire Packages, and Tire Warranties. Quickly identify potential improvement areas of your business. You can also see business critical categories such as total sales, gross profit dollars, gross profit percentage, number of invoices, average sale per invoice, tire sales, wheel sales, parts sales, and labor sales. Getting the data you need at the time you need it has never been easier.

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Inventory History

Quickly view complete history of any item. View all sales, receiving, intercompany transfers, and adjustments on any inventory item from the first day that item was entered in the system. Tire Guru currently has over 50 inventory reports including monthly, quarterly, yearly, custom date range movement and/or sales analysis reports, sales ranking, slow moving inventory, inventory value, inventory trending, lost sales reporting, sales comparison, inventory reorder point reports, and many more.

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Inventory Minimum/Maximum Levels

Maintaining proper inventory levels can keep your entire organization running smooth. Having the right products in the right amounts at your location at the right time is critical in maximizing sales while keeping cash in your business. Tire Guru has the tools you need to quickly and efficiently make decisions on which items you need to stock, how many, and when to order. Our advanced automatic replenishment system uses state of the art mathematical algorithms that can run each day and automatically calculate, create, and submit your orders to any vendor, it is easy to setup, keeps A and B moving items in stock, optimized your inventory, and provides quick and easy reports to assist along the way.

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Inventory Trends

Tire Guru understands seasonality; we know that setting minimum/maximum levels and managing inventory is not always based on sales for the past couple of months. We understand that as the seasons change and we go into snow tire season, hunting season, farming season, or other factors it is not useful to look at movement report for the past couple of months but to recognize that in past years for the upcoming months your location had a switch in movement. We have trending reports to notify you of these changes and to help you adjust your inventory order points or minimum/maximum levels.

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Real Time Accounting

Tire Guru is one of the only solutions in the automotive industry designed from day one as a complete accounting solution. All of your accounting information and financial data is in real time and most accounting functions are automated with your normal day to day tasks. When you receive your tires, wheels, parts, and other items Tire Guru automatically sets up your payables and creates the links necessary to see what items have been sold or put directly into your inventory. This helps with accountability to your vendors.

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Accounts Payable

Keep track of what you owe your vendors in real time instead of running day end administrations so see this information. This allows you to run cash requirement reports so you can see who you owe, and when it is due. What cash flow you need in the coming months to make sure everyone is paid on time. You can setup reoccurring payables that are due each month with the ability to change the amount due and due dates all within one screen. This allows more efficient bill paying within your business.

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Vendor History

You are able to keep track of what you paid to each vendor and what you have upcoming. The vendor history is kept forever. You can run reports to see who you paid, what category you paid it into, and the check number you paid it on. You can also see what customer you billed the inventory to as well as the purchase order you received it on. This information is also archived at the end of every month so you can see what open invoices you had and the end of every period.

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Check Printing

Tire Guru has the capability of printing your checks right from your accounts payable menu's. As your payables are setup from your point of sale you can easily select the payables you owe and when the checks are made out. The checks can be formatted to fit your existing check formats so you don't have to reorder new checks.

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Accounts Receivable

Tire Guru allows you to make your customers in house charge customers but keep track of outstanding balances and overdue balances. It allows your point of sale counter employees to easily know if the customer is eligible for charging and the balance due. This makes it much more efficient when you are collecting accounts receivable at the counter. There are many reports that will show you in detail the invoices owed, due dates, customer phone number, credit limit, and last payments

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Customer Statements

Customer Statements can be run any time. It is setup as a month end process so you can easily follow the steps to running statements so you don't leave anyone out. Tire Guru has the ability to asses service charges by percentages or dollar amounts. You can also make customers with rotating balances so you can send out statements with minimum balances due and late payment charges when needed.

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Tax Reports

Tire Guru is able to generate Profit and Loss statements as well as Balance Sheets all with ease from the current information you have been populating through point of sale, accounts receivable, inventory receipts, check writing, etc. The ability is built in to run interactive Trial Balances so you can see the source of each asset, liability, owners equity, sales, cost of goods sales, expenses, and other income.

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End of Month Reports

At the end of every month we archive your system into reports that you can run to see at that point in time exactly what information was input into your system. These reports include inventory sales reports, sales analysis, accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger and many more. This gives you the ability to research anything that needs to be found with ease.

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General Ledger

Tire Guru has been built around the general ledger. This makes it possible for you to see where each customer invoice has been posted as well as your accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory receipts etc. We also have the ability to reconcile your cash accounts right from within your General Ledger Menu. Each check written and each day end is automatically populated into this reconciliation. This allows you to keep in balance with your bank and run your Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet at any given time.

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Track Technician Production

We have several reports to track your technicians. The technician production reports tracks and monitors each technicians parts, labor, gross profit dollars, gross profit percentage, or use our flat rate reporting to determine how your technicians compare to flat rate job by job or in totals. Utilizing Tire Guru Digital Vehicle Inspections are sure to boost technician production while providing exceptional customer service.

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Track Salesperson Revenue

Tracking salesperson's revenue has never been easier. Tire guru tracks and reports on each salesperson's sales by category, gross profit dollars, and gross profit percentage. We have sales analysis reports, spiff tracking reports, sales comparison reports, and more. Tire Guru has settings to track pricing overrides by salesperson, and more.

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Reporting Module

We have over 150 predefined reports within Tire Guru and you have the ability to create as many custom GL reports as needed. Our reports are easy to read and understand giving you a full understanding where to best channel your business activities. Day End reports will automatically be emailed to you and your team. Month End reports will be archived forever! With all Tire Guru reports you have the option to review them on your screen, print them directly to your printer, or download them to Microsoft Excel.

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About Tire Guru

At Tire Guru Software, Websites and More we develop and support state of the art point of sale and business management software, ecommerce websites, digital vehicle inspections, and more. We are fully committed to the tire and automotive industry and to providing state of the art leading edge products for Tire Dealers, Auto Repair Shops, and Tire Wholesale Distributors. We strive to bring new and innovative products and technology to our customers year after year. Tire Guru employees are focused on building a one-stop complete business solution platform. We are proud to provide products that truly give our customers a competitive advantage in the market place.

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