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Websites for Tire Dealers and Auto Repair Shops

Drive customers into your business, outsell your competitors, and have a modern state of the art website presence to showcase your business.

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Website Design

Tire Guru Webmasters are dedicated to developing custom websites to really showcase your business, business philosophy and practices. We really take the time and work closely with you in your market to develop your website that really tells your story. You will not see cookie cutter type websites from Tire Guru! Our websites turn leads and traffic into solid sales!

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Mobile Website

Half of your website traffic will come from mobile devices. Our websites are responsive website which means that if your customers come to your site from a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone they will experience a feature rich website exhibiting your business.

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Pricing Display

With Tire Guru you can choose to display tire, wheel, service pricing on your website, or choose our request a quote option, we also have an option for an instant quote. We give you the tools you need to change between these options with the click of a button. If your market changes and it is time to show your pricing on your website it should not take weeks to redesign your website. Tire Guru designs all three options in the beginning so you can click a button and change how your website displays.

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Customer History Portal

Give your customers the advantage of logging into your website to manage all of their shopping needs. View vehicle history, view and schedule appointments for upcoming services such as oil changes, rotations, and wheel alignments. Your customers will have quick access to reprint invoices, See CarFax repair information, as well as the option to get instant pricing on tires, wheels, and services.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our SEO efforts start with research, audit, and analysis. Every customer is different and every website should be different. We get to know your business. We devote resources to your keyword searches, analytics, link profile analysis, link building, competitor research, brand monitoring, initial optimization, and ongoing optimization. Getting found online is critical to the success of your website.

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Customer Surveys

With Tire Guru you can create endless customer surveys, reviewing your customers experience will provide you the valuable feedback you need. You can even post customer reviews to your website allowing others see why your customers value your business relationship. Customer reviews and surveys also play a significant role in your search engine position.

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Manufacturer Promotions and Custom Promotions

With Tire Guru updating your website with manufacturer promotions is automatic. We update your website with promotions from all of the manufacturers you carry. We have a gallery with over 100 custom promotions you can choose to add to your website and switch them out as needed using our time delayed website tools.

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Social Media

According to Pew Research Center's Internet Project Surveys 71% of adults use Facebook, 28% use LinkedIn and Pinterest, 26% use Instagram, and 23% use Twitter. Quickly and easily create links to your companies Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, LinkedIn, Google+, You Tube, Pinterest, Instagram, or Blog pages. If you don't already have a presence on Social Media we can help with that too.

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Customizable Services

Tire Guru has hundreds of pre-defined service codes you can use, customize them, or create as many new codes as needed. Creating service codes and setting service pricing has never been easier! Tire Guru Tire Sites makes it seamless to create your service items, mark them as website services, and they automatically appear on your website for your customers. You can even set the number of appointments per day, and average time to complete each job if you desire. Adding service items to your website will drive service sales and appointments into your location!

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Tire and Wheel Catalogs

We have a tire and wheel catalog with over 80,000 tires and over 40,000 wheels. Let your customers search your website using our enhanced vehicle fitment solution, by tire size or simply put in their vehicle license plate and we will determine the tire size they need. Your customers can browse the tires and wheel you carry, as well as the tires and wheels your supplier has in inventory! Choose the tire and wheel features you want to display your website.

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Schedule Appointments

Utilizing Tire Guru's appointment scheduler allows your customers to quickly and easily request and schedule online appointments. You can review the appointment, confirm or reschedule the appointment and instantly communicate back with your customer.

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Email Marketing

Your website is a great way to collect email addresses. Customers who arrive at your website through email are more likely to shop and spend more. Email is targeted, and it's personal. Our email capture features will help you to build a great email database!

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Targeted Selling

Our SEO and Webmaster specialists bring customers to your website and we make it easy to instantly change your priority products, giving you control of the products that stand out to your customers. Lead your customers to the products you want to sell.

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Website Administration

Making changes to your website has never been easier. Use our website administration center to change your brand logos, select your coupons and promotions, update your social media links, create custom website pages, review your analytics, upload images, and more. You can even switch between showing pricing on your website, having request a quote options or instant quotes.

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Custom Website Pages

Create as many custom website pages as you would like using our website administration tools or have our webmasters build them for you at no additional charge. Let your customers get to know your staff by creating a staff page and posting pictures and bios of your employees, Create a Job Opening page to post your open employment positions and receive resumes right from our website. Our custom website pages are a critical part of enhancing your customers experience on your website.

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Ongoing Support

We are with you every step of the way! Our marketing specialists will work with you to analyze your website traffic. We can make ongoing recommendations which will ensure that your website turns leads and traffic into solid sales.

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About Tire Guru

At Tire Guru Software, Websites and More we develop and support state of the art point of sale and business management software, ecommerce websites, digital vehicle inspections, and more. We are fully committed to the tire and automotive industry and to providing state of the art leading edge products for Tire Dealers, Auto Repair Shops, and Tire Wholesale Distributors. We strive to bring new and innovative products and technology to our customers year after year. Tire Guru employees are focused on building a one-stop complete business solution platform. We are proud to provide products that truly give our customers a competitive advantage in the market place.

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