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Web Analytics Specialist

Position Type: Full-time, Competitive Pay, Health Insurance, 401K Retirement Plan, Paid Time Off, Company Paid Holidays, Great Work Environment!

Description: Are you looking to join a great team environment? Tire Guru provides software solutions that truly give our customers a competitive advantage in the marketplace. We are looking for a dedicated Web Analytics Specialist who can quickly learn our website, email & text solutions and provide our clients with performance-driven focus on optimizing and providing best in breed reporting to our customers.

Responsibilities Include:
  • Providing our clients with the best possible experience with Tire Guru.
  • Main responsibility will be to learn and educate our clients on Website, Email and Text statistics and reporting to maximize our customers business.
  • Understand and communicate analytics to customers in a way that communicates great value in our products.
  • Identify business needs, understand the importance of data interpretation, and present actionable insights.
  • Identify requirements and work with our development team to develop formats for reporting.
  • Setting Analytics Up for Success
  • Collect customers’ needs and business requirements.
  • Communicate proactively with customers to ensure they feel heard, understood, and supported
  • Perform strategic assessments of client websites, email and text services and analytics setups.
  • Evaluate analytics configurations and data for issues, support rapid resolution for mission-critical reporting.
  • Develop plans for efficient, effective, and valid analysis outputs
  • Generate clear functional requirements for analytics implementation and tag management
  • Configure web analytics, call tracking, and other tools to gather the data you need
  • Implement data collection/tag management requirements Producing Analytics Deliverables
  • Create accessible and effective reporting, dashboards, and analyses on digital marketing performance
  • Produce economical and impactful data visualizations that effectively communicate insights or narratives.
  • Present information effectively to both technical and nontechnical, senior and junior audiences in a way that communicates value and delights
  • Apply data literacy and statistical knowledge to ensure rigor and accuracy in experimentation and other marketing projects Support Strategy and Advertising Projects
  • Helps internal and external clients answer business questions and debug, troubleshoot, and fix configuration and integration issues
  • Support scoping and triage of ad hoc analytics work requests
  • Assist in deploying and QA’ing tracking pixels, CRO tool analytics, and other analytics technical foundations
  • Assess web analytics implementations for opportunities to better align analytics with business goals.
  • Be professional, and knowledgeable about Tire Guru Products
  • Obtain a good understanding of the tire and automotive industry
  • Develop customer relationships
  • You are very comfortable in Google Analytics and Google Search Console, easily navigating both configuration and reporting/analysis functions.
  • You have worked with Google Tag Manager and have specified and implemented data collection.
  • You have hands on development experience using HTML, jQuery, JavaScript, and XML
  • You are comfortable with ambiguity, how to clarify for action and get to what drives business value.
  • You understand how to contextualize data within the digital marketing ecosystem.
  • You have experience with requirements gathering and documentation.
  • You know how to collect business requirements and map them to specific digital measurement tactics.
  • You understand the data collection process in web analytics, where the data comes from and what it means.
  • You have excellent written and verbal communications skills.
  • You can gather, manage, and synthesize large amounts of information efficiently and creatively.
  • You can confidently tell a story with data and communicate value to customers over the phone, in a conference room, or in writing.
  • You understand what makes for effective data visualization and why.
  • You have experience planning and executing analytics testing processes.
  • You have a current Google Analytics Individual Qualification
  • Strong command of layout/composition, typography, color theory, etc. for report or dashboard creation

About Tire Guru:

Since 1990 Tire Guru has gained its rightful place as the premier business management software and website leader helping retailers and wholesalers compete and thrive in the ever-changing and highly competitive automotive industry.

Tire Guru has products devoted to each segment of the automotive industry. We have complete business management systems for retailers and wholesalers including: Mobile Device Ready Point of Sale, Parts & Labor Guide, Fully Integrated Websites, Digital Inspections, Distribution Center Routes, Inventory Bins, Inventory Management, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Automatic Replenishment System, Benchmarking Statistics, D.O.T. Number Registration, Built-in Tire Warranty Handling, General Ledger, Custom Profit/Loss Statements, Email and Text Marketing and a comprehensive reporting module. Tire Guru Tire Link is a Business-to-Business solution offering a complete e-commerce system for businesses to embrace the power of the internet and instantly sets up a link with suppliers and customers.

Tire Guru is the "must have" business tool for the 21st century in the tire and automotive aftermarket industries. Tire Guru makes it easier for you, your suppliers and your customers to effectively conduct business every day. Our products help you to reduce your costs (time) of doing business while increasing sales and profits.

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About Tire Guru

At Tire Guru Software, Websites and More we develop and support state of the art point of sale and business management software, ecommerce websites, digital vehicle inspections, and more. We are fully committed to the tire and automotive industry and to providing state of the art leading edge products for Tire Dealers, Auto Repair Shops, and Tire Wholesale Distributors. We strive to bring new and innovative products and technology to our customers year after year. Tire Guru employees are focused on building a one-stop complete business solution platform. We are proud to provide products that truly give our customers a competitive advantage in the market place.

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